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In a story set two centuries in the future, the investigator Luray is sent to a colony founded by the United Earth Military on the resource rich planet EE-297. Her job is to confirm (or maybe disprove, if she so choses) the low level of threat posed by an alien civilization that calls itself the Aurigan Empire, but before she even sets foot on the colony, she is already part of a much more complex story.

As the reader, you follow Luray, you see the events unfold through her eyes. You collect the hints as you keep reading the pages. This story challenges our hero, but it also challenges you.

Can you figure out the truth before Luray? Would you make the same decisions as her?

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Unlockable content

You might wonder why many parts in the bonus section are locked. Consider it a challenge. There are hints sprinkled across this website and the book. Use them correctly to find the passwords and collect your reward.

Over time, we will add more hints and locked content, among which you will find concept art, high resolution covers, character portraits and earlier versions of the story.



Book One – Luray

Chapter 1 and 2

One of humanity’s colonies makes contact with an alien civilization that calls itself the Aurigan Empire. The empire politely demands the United Earth Military’s unconditional and immediate surrender and sends wave after wave of warships. Strangely, the Aurigan ships are technologically inferior, lack any sort of effective weaponry and are easily shot down – or so the UEM claims.

When the colony’s investors start getting nervous, acclaimed risk assessment agent Luray Ulyssa Cayenne is sent to determine what is going on and whether the Aurigans truly pose a threat. What she finds is well beyond her pay grade, and what she does to uncover the truth could cost not only her freedom, but her very humanity.

Enjoy a mysterious science-fiction story challenging the reader and asking difficult questions that will keep you awake at night.



Published           : November 2020

Price                    : Reasonable


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"It’s been a while since I’ve read a good science fiction novel. It’s been even longer since I’ve consumed one that I couldn’t put down" Read More


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Nisha Ward (

"This fast-paced, highly entertaining book introduces a mystery on every page and keeps the reader guessing throughout. Sci-fi fans will be eager to get their hands on the next installment." Read More


review by

booklife (

"After that ending, I can't wait to see what's next for Luray in the Behind the Last Gate series. Dennis Haupt is definitely a new talent to look out for and I'm certainly interested in what he does next." Read More


review by

Lauren Stoolfire (


What is the deal with the puzzles?

We will keep adding little puzzles on the website (and maybe the books). If you can solve them, you can unlock bonuses like artwork, sketches and more.


Is there any audio version available?

Not yet. If there is enough demand, we will provide one.

What is the correct order to read the "Behind the last gate" books?

All published books in order:

Book one – Luray

What age is appropriate for the "Behind the Last Gate" books?

The story gets quite complex over time and, while this is not a horror book, you will find strategically placed violence from time to time.

There is no hard age limit, but it is not made for children.

Can you read "Behind the Last Gate" out of order?

You can, but we strongly advise against it as you will lack a lot of context in the later chapters.

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