Competition ‘Luray’

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Hello reader,

Nobody likes ads, but everyone likes games.Except boring people.

So, I am running a competition to promote my book series. Anyone can participate, and the prize pool is 22 LTC, which is/was 0.85 ETH at the time of writing this. You can request a payout in any currency, both traditional and crypto.

The rules are as follows:

  1. You must leave something about the first book of the BTLG series, Luray, anywhere on the internet. It can be a review, a tweet, blog post, you’re free to choose. It must include at least one link related to the book. It can refer to my website, my Twitter account, or directly to “Luray” on Amazon. Insert #BTLG #Luray #SciFi (and more if you want to score bonus points). Links are at the bottom of this page.
  2. Contact me via, subject “BTLG competition 1”. Include a link to what you did. If possible, I should be able to check the number of views/likes to compare how well it worked. If a friend told you about this competition, include his email as well. This will be important when I choose the winners. (You will NOT receive any kind of spam from me)
  3. Join The BTLG Telegram channel if you want. Follow me on Twitter if you want. Become a patreon if you want to support me. Do whatever you want in life, in fact.
  4. Get a friend to also participate. This is optional but will give an advantage. If you have no friends, a stranger will do as well.
  5. All participants get the ebook (PDF or EPUB) for free. The password is “18,446,744,073,709,551,616”. Yes, you can now steal the book, read it, notice the hints that will lead to an entire BTC that I’ll give away eventually. But maybe that’s part of my multi layered plan to make it go viral. Who knows?

The competition runs until the end of April 2022. The prize will be distributed as follows:

  1. I will open an email at random.
  2. I will click the link (or links)
  3. I will check the quality of what you did, number of likes, views, retweets etc.
  4. I will sum up the numbers of everything. If your entry is worthy, goto 5. Else, goto 1. What is worthy depends on the competition.
  5. I will confirm you are the creator of what I see.
  6. Based on the half-objective criteria above, I will select the winners. If you are a lone wolf, 1 LTC is yours. If you are part of a chain of friends/strangers, your 2 nearest “neighbors” will get 0.5 LTC each in addition to this. That’s up to 2 LTC for the team. This means you get a reward if you win, your predecessor wins, or your successor wins. Because it could happen that I choose three “neighbors” as winners, the maximum payout for an individual winner is 2 (or 4, see below) LTC.
  7. Goto 1. until I’m out of funds.

But I wouldn’t be me if there weren’t some twists:

  1. For every quote-retweet of my kick-off tweet including a link to your awesome contribution and the text “Go #Luray Go – #BTLG”, I will save innocent children. For example via ETN Donate ( Each such retweet is worth 500 ETN. The maximum is 500k ETN. The transaction will be public, so you will be able to confirm that everything is legit. So, if you decide not to retweet – does that make you a bad person? Discuss it in my forum 🙂
  2. If the total number of unique participants (evidence: quote retweet) surpasses 200, the payouts per winner will be DOUBLED.

Winners will be contacted by me.

Links you can use: