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Competition ‘Luray’

Hello reader, Nobody likes ads, but everyone likes games.Except boring people. So, I am running a competition to promote my book series. Anyone can participate, and the prize pool is 22 LTC, which is/was 0.85 ETH at the time of writing this. You can request...

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Nice Review

A while ago, we got our first professional "4 out of 4" review: Click here to read it

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Second Edition

We're about to publish the much better second edition of "Luray". Make sure to buy the correct version as the first one is a little wonky. Ebook: 978-3-96956-003-7 Print: 978-3-96956-002-0 If you already or by accident bought the first edition, contact us...

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We’re live!

After months of infinite fixes, redesigns, more fixes we finally flipped the switch. You can buy our first ebook almost everywhere. A revised edition and printed version will follow in the coming weeks

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Welcome, visitor. This is our first announcement to the world. As you undoubtedly have already deduced, the purpose of this website is to make you curious about our book series called "Behind the Last Gate." Work on it was begun in 2016, and we have gone...

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