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Welcome, visitor. This is our first announcement to the world. As you undoubtedly have already deduced, the purpose of this website is to make you curious about our book series called “Behind the Last Gate.”

Work on it was begun in 2016, and we have gone through a total of nine revisions since then. Keep that number in mind. The final revision is almost finished, and the time has come to present it to the world. The story will be divided into several books that we will publish one after the other. If everything goes according to our plan, the first book will be available at your favorite online book store in the coming months, and a free sample will be available on this site.

We will keep adding blog posts here to keep you up to date, and we will also inform you via E-mail if you subscribe. Also, keep looking for hints. We will scatter them across the site, and they will allow you to unlock a few secrets in the future.